The Psychological & Spiritual Effects of Being Negative

This is key for a proper Spiritual Preparation for today’s world and specially for the incoming chastisement. What are things that make people always look negative on things? Family, politics, the state of the Church are areas that can do that. What do we do about that to keep from being negative? When people are negative, there are very distinct effect spiritually and even psychologically

Negativity has become the norm in our groups, Negative people will argue that they are “realistic” to deny obsession. One way to differentiate those obsessed with Negativity and those who are sincere, is by the amount of activity and solutions they show in exchange of their typical criticism. The core effect of negativity is their lack of action, their lack of proper solutions because everything bad will be an excuse to make them to do nothing eventually. This is an example on what’s harming our movement to revitalize the Catholic culture in our nations.

We have so many people who spend their time doing a detailed analysis, under the excuse of raising awareness, of everything that is going wrong in the world, in the church and constantly debating on the internet but when the moment of truth arrives, of the hard work of developing a spiritual life, of looking for solutions and helping the community, to lead their families, they do very little.

You know when negativity is ground in you when someone shows you something positive and you answer with something totally negative, worst if it has little relation to the topic.

General Negativity

This is the person who spiritually is always looking at everything that’s wrong, instead of everything that’s right. this a problem because if I’m focusing on what’s wrong on society, family, parents etc.. then the emotions arise such as hatred, angry, they end up being angry all the time, because the perspective on the image is causing all of this, so if you always have this bad perspective, you will get bad emotions. Negativity in the traditional movement one of the reasons we see so little advance in the among the traditionalists in holiness is because they’re all getting bogged down in the negativity of all the stuff, that’s wrong instead of focusing on God ultimately.

Usually what drives the negativity is some kind of an [[spiritual_life:attachments_detachment|Attachment]] to the church, the state of politics or the state of their family or whatever the case, so as a result of that, they’re always looking at the negative and always trying to purge the negative out of the individual, because I’ve met families where the father or the mother is extremely hard on the children because they think if I keep on top of them eventually they’ll become perfect. That’s very wrong.

We need The Principle of the sufficient reason, that the existence of a thing is accountable either in itself or in another,It means

you can’t give what you don’t have, if you’re not perfect, you’re not going to make the church, the politics, your children or whatever perfect. You don’t have the capacity to render even yourself perfect, only God. Fr Ripperger.

Part of the negativity is getting sucked into that idea, if I keep thinking about it, I keep working at it it’ll get better, it’s not going to happen.

Negativity is one of those things in the end it just brings you down and so you have to make a choice, you’re going to focus on the defects of your family or the church, keeping yourself in pain, keeping the knife in you or you are going just let loose of it, you are going to focus on God, focus on the Good stuff, is the same on [[spiritual_life:wounds|how you heal your personal wounds]]. It doesn’t mean put your head in the sand, the solution is only focusing on the things to the degree that’s necessary under state in life, in order to for you to fulfill your duties or whatever the case is or to pray whatever but you don’t focus on it.

Habitual Hell

If you keep doing it then you end up habituating the emotions and disposing them to easily move to negative emotions , to anger, sorrow, hatred or whatever the case, it’s very easy to do it, When you make the choice to keep thinking, about the thing the will moves the imagination to stay focused on the thing, then the Cognitive power learns that when certain things come into your experience, your family members or whatever the case, because you are looking at the negative all the time, the Cogntive power gets habituated and when it goes back into your memory, it will only finds the bad stuff about the individual, not the good stuff. This is when people if they’ve had a bad experience of somebody that they’ve kind of given in to the thought and thinking about it, they’ll say “¿why is it that every time I’m around him or her I just want to strangle her?”.

the possible intellect when it makes an act of judgmental to know the truth of something we can habituate our intellect to make specific judgments in relationship to specific kinds of things so that if we’re always looking at something in a negative way we’re going to habituate the possible intellect to look at everything from the point of view of what’s negative.

The will it’s a blind faculty it can’t we’ll anything on its own, so this negative judgment that we have of people or things or whatever is presented to the will which then means that the will is going to suffer sorrow and things of this sort and it’s going to be painful or We’ll even start taking delight in it where, St. Thomas says he says when we act according to the disposition, that’s in our faculty regardless of whether the object causes pain or even we get a pleasure out of it.

they discovered this in modern brain studies that people who are depressed, their brain actually releases pleasure drugs when they think about negative stuff. for example if we’re in a negative disposition and then somebody comes along and tries to cheer us up, we find the guy at no laying and we don’t want to go that direction we find it painful.

All you’re doing is by focusing all that it’s just habituating your faculties to becoming disordered, we’re only thinking of things that are evil in fact all the people in hell and all the demons are that, in the only thing they think about is stuff that’s negative all the time,** The more you think about this stuff the more you’re just kind of approaching hell.** Whereas everybody in heaven even when they see bad things happening, there’s still joy.

You Stop thinking Clearly

What happens is over the course of time and you’re always looking at the thing negative if the reality is that the thing changes, it isn’t as bad as you think it is, eventually you stop knowing the truth about the thing. This is what happens with today’s papacy, everybody is looking at the situation with constant negativity.

If they knew what the limits were of ”papal infallibility” and the fact that historically there have been Pope’s that have held heretical ideas, they wouldn’t they would realize that as long as it’s within this confines, it’s not an issue they would focus on the positive aspect, it doesn’t mean, I don’t pray for him it just means that I can’t be focusing on it.

Now the people They’re getting to the point where their judgment is getting drawn to one extreme or another, we all tend to judge things based on upon defect where you don’t fully grasp the truth of the situation Saint Thomas says //”the truth is judging a thing not greater than it is, not less than it is but as it is.”// This is true about practically everything, it’s very true about traditionalists, even in relationship to their [[|own interior life]]

They’re having these emotions all the time and over the course of time, the emotions start getting the better of them,They stop being able to see the truth of the matter, to where they’re not thinking clearly at all in the end, they will end up sedevacantist or something like that because they’re not thinking clearly, they just don’t want the emotional pain or whatever the case is that goes a lot of it even though they’re constantly thinking about how bad the Pope is or something of that sort.

The demons try and get you negative in order to get your mind off of God. Demons have a principle, they got several of them and one of them is anything but God and that means even stay to the church thinking about spiritual matters anything like that as long as it’s not God, they don’t care if they can get you totally hung up about some particular spiritual issue, and get you focused on that and spending all sorts of time, they know they’ve got you derailed because you’re not focusing on God.

Kinds of Negativity

There’s four kinds of negativity, When look at the different kinds of negativity, if you’re constantly think of things negative:

*1. You’re never going to become perfect.

*2. You’re not going to make the thing that you want to become perfect that you see the defect.

*3. You’re just going to develop vice, your emotions are going to be out of control and you’re gonna be angry, just you’re never going to fully conquer those things until you get your mind off.


Negativity and relationship to self are usually based upon our own sinfulness, we look at ourselves we were sinful we got these vices we got this problem but the difficulty with ourselves is st. Thomas says that when we think of ourselves God inclined us to see that we’re actually good in some manner by natural law and as a result, it’s very easy for a man in the state of fallen nature to think himself better.

This is a key point Most negativity that I find a relationship to people in themselves is rooted in an overestimation of themselves, they look at themselves and they’ll say to themselves “I cannot believe I did that in the past, I should have been better” when they start looking on themselves, when people beat themselves up constantly in order to fix it and have this self-loathing, that’s negativity towards themselves. it’s because they’re not focusing on God.

“For without me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

[[|Grace as a Necessity for us]] God is the one who’s going to get that heal, corrected, through His grace to get you straightened out, Do you really think without grace that you’re going to be better than that? the fact of the matter is that without the natural grace of God protecting us, there is nothing we cannot commit, everybody receives the grace is sufficient to save their soul.

"Unless the Lord had been my helper, my soul had almost dwelt in Hell." Ps. 93: 17

Beating yourself up is never going to correct it fully, back to the principle sufficient reason you can’t give what you don’t have, ou would like to think that you should have been perfect, look you’re not the Blessed Virgin Mary so you can cut yourself a little bit of slack. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have to worry about any of my sins in the past.

Today there is this common and subtle error of Pelagianism, which says one can reach perfection on their own, we cannot reach it alone, we don’t have it, Only God.

When it comes to the correcting of the problem all of the Saints say there comes a point towards [[|the end of the passive purgation]] where they surrender to God, to correct the problems has to become total and complete. because we can’t get our defects, they are so deeply rooted that we cannot root them out ourselves, God has to do it, he’s the only perfect agent that can root them out fully.

That means that in relationship to ourselves there’s three things that have to happen:

*1 You stop thinking of yourself, you are not that important, if you beat yourself up you’re thinking about yourself if say that you hate yourself you’re still thinking about yourself, start thinking about God.

*2. God gets more into your faculties and corrects them, the disorders that you’ve caused from the negativity, it’s just from thinking about him because the habits will start to be slowly broken.

*3. We have to have [[theology: mercy|Mercy]] on ourselves, what is true mercy? because everyone’s running around saying we should be merciful, in some people’s minds just saying it’s okay to let people remain in their sin, that’s not true that’s not that’s false mercy.

*4. We have to have [[virtues: charity|Charity]] for ourselves, it’s essential against negativity.


True [[theology:mercy|Mercy]] is what st. Thomas says that** mercy is the loose of the bonds of justice for the sake of the individual to whom justice would be applied**, with us, with God it’s better for us spiritually for him not to make us pay the full effect of all of our sin in order so because if we did, it would just be brutal and we would never advance spiritually, so we shouldn’t be so harsh and severe on them because we recognize that in ourselves, we would be just as bad without grace, it doesn’t mean that we just leave them there.

True mercy is I want what’s best for the person I’m letting them off I’m not going to hold the bond of justice against them I’m going to forgive them for their sake ,St. Thomas asks, should I extend [[virtues:charity|Charity]] to everybody?

Interiorly, you have to have charity for everybody, we have to have mercy for everybody or forgiveness for everybody.

External Manifestation, however in relationship to the external manifestation, it’s governed by [[virtues:prudence|Prudence]] because there’s some people if you’re merciful, charitable to them they’re just going to get worse, you end up confirming them their disorders and vice, that’s not looking the good for them, External manifestation of mercy its for two kinds of people: the ignorant and the sorrofull.

*Sorrofull. from the Old Testament, God says if you’re sorry I’ll let you off this because when we committed a sin we’ve looked at under the aspect of the good which was false so once we recognize it’s evil and take ownership of it and express our sorrow for it.God will let us off the hook He realizes it’s evil and so you won’t be doing it again in the future whereas if we don’t have sorrow, He wont, if you have people obstinately living together without being marriage, you don’t extend mercy to them, it would be harmful to them.

*Ignorant., they just didn’t know better, there are many people without a clue and in relationship to us, we usually kind of clueless and at least in the initial stages when we do stuff and we sometimes don’t realize how damaging this in particular sin we might commit is going to be.

We have to have mercy for ourselves or to our past sins, for our spiritual well-being, because:

  • 1.Be Contrary to Charity When we are harsh on ourselves, we’re not going to correct ourselves and it was acting contrary to charity, we have to have charity for ourselves where we love ourselves, not for our sakes but for God’s sake and for harsh on ourselves we’ve lacked charity.
  • 2.[[spiritual_life:attachments_detachment|Attachment to the Sin]], if you’re holding on to the defect, sin that you violated, you’re still holding on to your sin, you’re not getting rid of it. there’s an attachment to your sin and to fully let loose of that sin from the past, you have to have mercy on yourself, don’t try to force yourself to pay the full debt because you can’t, only God can, trust it to the mercy of God and ask him to correct it.
  • 3. You don’t move forward. There are transformational changes in people’s spiritual lives when they forgive themselves, they still have to do reparation and there are certain things that they have to do these stuff to work and try to correct it, which is working on the specific actions to overcome that vice, beating yourself up it’s not performing those actions, it doesn’t help in any way.
  • 4.Usurpation of God’s Authority., if we don’t forgive ourselves, very often people will go to confession, they will confess the sin but they won’t forgive themselves, that’s the sin of Usurpation, you are telling to God, you forgive me but I’m not going to forgive myself in this judgment, so you have to be we have to be willing to forgive yourself in relationship with that* just as a matter of being humble before God**
  • 5.Against [[virtues: humility|Humility]], in heaven everybody judges themselves as good, we should look at ourselves as good as what God has caused in us, by beating ourselves up and by refusing to see anything good in ourselves is contrary to humility, God has caused some virtue even in the worst people, it is also true in virtue, there’s always some area even in the worst people’s lives whether there’s some semblance of virtue, that’s from God, the humility is due to look at the good recognize it and refer it back to God, he will increase it, if you’re going to beat yourself up you’re basically telling God I will make myself good without him.

“There’s no man who is completely devoid of the truth”

St Thomas.


Negativity is the opposite of charity, we need [[virtues:charity|Charity]] to combat it. The negativity is looking at everything that’s evil all the time rather than looking at the Good.

We have to have [[virtues:charity|Charity]] for ourselves, Charity is the love of God, the precepts of charity are to love God and love your neighbor for the sake of God, you have to be willing yourself good, to punish yourself non-stop it’s not willing yourself well it’s kind of a disordered, to think you can purge yourself, that’s not the way.

In relationship for ourselves, you have to love yourself for God’s sake, you are not the terminus of the good that you recive, God is. Which means you’re not going to work things for your pleasures, delights and your conforts, you’re going to do for what is the best for you spiritually like pray, read, help others, forgive etc.. , so if you really love yourself you can uphold yourself to a bit of a task but you’re not going to beat yourself up.

St. Thomas says when the thing that we love is present to us or that we think about it in some way and so as a result of that we have this love which it’s a kind of a pleasing us with this thing and that will proceeed** Joy**, it’s the effect in the will of the beloved being presence to the lover, ** when we love God regularly there’s going to be a certain joy and a peace and joy that will overtake us as a result of that.**

When our will is focused on God and perfectly order towards God there’s peace which is the tranquility of order because of the fact that our will is now ordered in the way that it was designed to be ordered and so as a result of that, there’s very little charity in the traditional movement there’s very little peace, people keep focusing on everything wrong.


I have rarely met a traditional family, where, charity, joy, peace and all this stuff, where they look at each other benignly they realize they have some defects but they also have some virtues which makes them a good husband, Son, etc.. they instead focus on what’s wrong. The same goes with perfectionism, they’re looking for perfection externally to themselves, they think they get it by riding the person and make trying to control them and make them do it the negativity is going to be the cause of various things:

It’s going to because of all the negative emotions that we have in relation to our family, we’re going to get angry, disappointed, all those things were related to them because we’re looking what’s negative all the time, that becomes their whole persona, that is against any kind of [[virtues:charity|Charity]]. If we really love them, you will the good of them and we will seek what’s good for them, not just looking what’s negative, some traditional go around looking for the negative.

*The defects that you see among your siblings, your first responsibility is to pray and only fraternally correct them when it’s going to be helpful to them. it’s not your responsability to beat him or to ridicule him or to ride him or to bring him down to the point where he finally gets his act together.

*The more you try to control the external, the more you’re going to realize it’s out of your control and therefore the more pain it’s going to cause you, the more you’re going to hate the thing.

If you’re going to have any semblance of charity or peacem there has to be a complete relinquishing of the control over it In the family st. Thomas says that the [[|Hiearchy of charity]] has to follow the principle of proximity, you have to be more charitable to the people you’re closest to than those who are neighbors, people will be actually kinder to the people outside their family than in, this is completely disordered Some people will treat very harshly their own families while they are very kind to any stranger or by the other hand, while they beat each other as soon someone outside of their family talks against them, they get all tore up about it, that’s a sign that they just see the negative of each other.

The person’s defects are there to purify you, they’re not there for you necessarily to get rid of, its not always your job, you’re supposed to pray and you might have to correct them given the proper circumstances, your job is to help the person spiritually, you don’t necessarily point out their defects all the time, that wont help them.

There’s a story about [[saints:therese_lisieux|Saint Therese of Lisieux]] where she disciplines herself not to snap at another nun who had an annoying habit of clicking her rosary against teeth during choir, St. Therese offered her irritation up to God, she choosed to find that clicking noise something that’s affective and end up liking it, I’m not suggesting that you like the defects of your family members, you have to choose on your relation to those or you are just going to bring your faculties, spiritual life down, and wont help your family.

One of the principal ways in which you grown holy is through the defects of your family members, one time a Nun wrote to Saint John of the Cross. //“I could become a very holy nun if it wasn’t for the rest of the nuns in the convent”// The same thing actually applies in the context of marriage, family or whatever, I’m sure many people think //“I could be much holier if it wasn’t for my spouse or children or circumstances whatever”.// St. John of the Cross gives the perfect answer he writes back, he says

“It’s quite the contrary it’s the defects of the other nuns which become the moments of your growing in virtue and holiness through suffering”

That’s precisely how will you have to view it, in the context of the family, obviously you don’t want your family to be a wrench so that you can become holy, it’s not the point the because it is true too that the virtues of the other individual to aid and support each other, it helps both of them but at the same time, you have to look at the defects within the context of your marriage as actually aiding, in the end only through your own virtue and grace you will help them.

Society & Politics

Those outside the family, the Society, Catholic will look at the state of the world, they look at everybody and they’ll basically come to the conclusion that everybody is evil.

I said in my excess: Every man is a liar. Psalm 116:11

It’s specifically pointing out, not all men are liars, not everybody is evil every so often you’ll come across people who are actually living good lives and they find this whole situation in our country alrming but they dont say much, they’re hidden while it’s the vociferous obnoxious disordered, evil people there are all people entering in the public eye all the time, not all of them, but some.

As a society begins to deteriorate, you just have to be more cautious but you still have to give people some what the better for the doubt and don’t get hung up on the negative all the time and even and this is true of anything from our employees mthe people we work arounmd all those things is don’t keep focusing on the negative because then in the end you’re not going to be able to extend that charity to them.


The place I see that the negativity is really overtaking people is in the area of politics, yes its bad, it’s probably far worse than we can possibly even imagine, and its going to be much worse in the future, easily if people know how bad things are and will be, they would be hanging the politicians from lamposts.

That’s probably true, but you can’t let that get to me, as soon you keep focusing on how bad everything is, its just going to take you down because you aren’t thinking on God, neither you are thinking of the virtues you can develop, It only will make you pasive and fragile for all the future evils which will come., you’re going to end up like a devil basically who they’ll all you thinks about all day long is everything that’s bad

When it comes to the politics, one gives necesary atention its in order to understand what’s going on as long it doesn’t getting you spiritually down, like it starts affecting your ability to pray, your trust in God, you loose hope in Him, it affects the charity that you might have for people, then you have to back away from it. Our politics are so bad is because Catholics aren’t leading lives of grace and meriting the grace for the politicians, we aren’t praying for them neither living holy lives and we wonder why everything its so bad. We get the leaders we deserve, we have to be better, our holy lives is the solution.

The Recomended time to be looking at the news, on average father/husband it should be like 30 minutes. it really depends on your state in life, some personalities can be easily sucked into it, the state of life such as fathers and husbands, to have a obligation to be more knowledgeble about the financial affairs, the state of the church, the state of the politics etc.. It shouldn’t be in order to get more money, it should be to be sure that the’re being prudent of their money, make sure they can vote for the right party, the dangers of the state of the Church, so they can protect their own family, but more the excess of this and you basically are just feeding curiosity.

In relation to voting, yeah the things are getting bad in the political world, and the negative outcome will be one way or another, from John Paul II, the principle that you have the obligation to vote the lesser evil as a mean of preserving the good.


It has been a constant teaching of the Church,** All grace comes into the world by means of the Catholic Church**, which means even if a Protestant or someone else gets any graces whatsoever, it’s the church which is the medium through which that passes, this means when we look at the state of the world or the politics and realice how bad they are, that really tells you how bad is the state of the Church, of the memebers of the Church.

You realize the church is a very bad state, obviouslly we see everything, the stuff that’s just completly contrary to what the way the Church taught etc.. we hear out from every office from the top all the way down. Those of us who have a love for the church, you are going find this very painfull. In relationship to this, we have to do two things.

We’re just going to have to develop an ability to suffer well, to learn the [[virtues:mortification|The Virtue of Mortification]], God wants you to suffer the state of Church as it is, that doesn’t mean that you dont pray for it, neither you dont do anything to help it, you have to be willing accept that cross and follow Christ, to follow the Church in its own passion.

“If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself. and take up his cross and follow me” Matthew. 16:24

You can’t be too focus on it, Anything but God, you find these catholics who neglect their own spiritual life, their family and their duties, to lecture and write about the problems of the church, politics and other negative stuff, you have to be [[spiritual_life:attachments_detachment|detached]] of the church, we just have to realize that really it’s all about God , Church is a created thing, in the sense that it’s a created participation in Christ’s mystical body but for us it’s a created participation in that were part of it as a result of our creation.

These things can also take us down spiritually where it just it robs us because the demons want to do that they want to rob you of your joy, your peace, ultimately the love that you have for other people and for God. In relation to the church, you just have to do your part for the church to the degree as you can and then you just have to be detached from it.

Because God will straighten out the church in the end but we just have to be willing to let him do it because he’s the only one that can do it, don’t get so focused on the negativity part because, it’s going to bring your charity down, your virtue down it’s going to in the end you’re going to end up becoming very unmerciful and angry.

this is one of the things you can see among the traditionalist, they can be very angry people or very depressed, it’s because they keep dwelling on the sins that other people have commited against them, on how bad are the situation of the church and poltics, then if that’s the case, you’re becoming more like the demons than more like God. It doesn’t mean you put your head in the sand it just means that you don’t have to sit there and read every last book that’s come out about the state of the church, you know already how bad it is, you need to prepare, to focus on your spiritual life and help other people first.

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